Scanning, Scanning, Scanning, and More Scanning

by High Desert Frameworks!

We are nearly completed with a scanning project for one of our Digital Printing [  ] clients.  Tedious work but fun and rewarding.  The 44 wood block, acrylic paintings will be reproduced for the artist and used in an upcoming published project.  ( We can't show you the images due to copyright constraints. )

Yep, we have an excellent scanner.  High Desert Frameworks' Epson® Expression™ 10000XL scanner can scan flat items up to 12" x 16" at very high resolutions.  Art images larger than 12" x 16" must be scanned in pieces and then digitally reassembled.

Need some art or photographs printed?  Don’t have a digital image?  No problem, we can scan your flat art.  We will help to determine how large your file will successfully enlarge based upon its size and quote you a very competitive price for our service.  

As a reminder:  For a limited time you can take 20% off printing (and scanning) prices for prints framed in our shop!

Got a project?  Call 541-647-2191 or stop by and we'll chat about your framing and printing needs.  We hope to see you soon. Here is a Map [  ] to our custom picture framing shop in downtown, Bend Oregon.

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