Photobomb and Photoshop - How we can help make your digital prints memorable.

by High Desert Frameworks!

Our clients' digital printing and framing projects often put a smile on our face -- Many of the images just make us laugh.  So was the case of a beloved black lab on the beach wearing a Ruffwear harness.  As you can see, the wind was a blowin'. A great image that captured the spirit and adventure of their trip to the beach, however they wanted the image enlarged and framed, but would rather not have the toes of the image.  No Problem!

                          Left - Before some magic.                                                               Right - After our magic!

                          Left - Before some magic.                                                               Right - After our magic!

The image on the left is the before photograph and the right image reflects our photoshop magic to remove a black garment and two feet.  Don't worry, as we did it digitally and not surgically.

Got a favorite image, but subjected to a photobomb?  If so, we can likely work around the "obstacle" and print and frame your image to your total satisfaction.  Family portraits and vacation photo's make great holiday gifts, so now is the time to get on the stick and fetch a few great images for framing.  We have a great selection of ready made photo frames and of course can custom frame any image.  Stop in or call and we can discuss your needs.

Come Frame With Us! -- A Fetching great experience.

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