Handcrafted Picture Frames -- The melding of art and centuries old technology and craftsmanship.

by High Desert Frameworks!

What comes to mind when you think of elegant and timeless jewelry?  Tiffany? What about elegant and timeless picture frames?   Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany had an abiding passion for the most beautiful diamonds in the world.  He built the Tiffany legacy by creating brilliant designs with diamonds and unique colored gemstones of unmatched quality and craftsmanship.  

There are only a few Charles Lewis Tiffany's in the modern custom picture framing industry.  Luckily, High Desert Frameworks has a great rapport with a number of fantastic frame builders and suppliers.  We pride ourselves with stocking unique frame mouldings that are unmatched in design, quality and craftsmanship.  Our samples and inventory differentiates us from others in the industry.  If you have been in our design studio, then you have noticed our passion for quality.

One of our favorite picture frame companies released a wonderful selection of 22K gold leaf finishes, 12K white gold and silver finishes, and metal and copper photo frames.   To see the quality and craftsmanship, please stop by High Desert Frameworks while our holiday inventory is still available.

Each photo frame is an individual creation entirely hand crafted by caring skilled frame makers. The designs are carved or scribed into the gessoed surface, then finished and sensitively worked until it is brought to life. Using only traditional materials such as wood, gesso, burnishing clay, genuine gold and silver or metal leaf and centuries old technologies, the frames are manufactured today the very same way they would be made by ancient frame masters, were they still alive. For their indisputable beauty, quality, limited output and value, the frames have always been sought by most discriminate and demanding of clients.

Come Frame With Us -- Always timeless and passionate.

Need a photograph enhanced, cropped,  restored, reproduced or enlarged?  Ask us about our large format digital printing, scanning and restoration services.

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