The Art of Gallery Walls for your home -- Made Simple.

by High Desert Frameworks!

Great article from our friends at!  

Scott Phillips, a Houzz contributor and co-founder of Rise Art which showcases, rents and sells great contemporary art, explains the key points for creating a gallery wall for your home or office.  Full article here:

Scott's offers practical tips and style ideas to make your gallery wall stand out.  Here are just a couple ideas:

Determine your style.   Keep it personal.  Start with the largest item first.   Choose the right frames.  Or make it all about the frames.  Think shelf life.  Hang with precision.   Get a layered look.   Or keep lines sharp.  Go for a calming effect.  Build a grid.  Fill a niche.  Line a kitchen shelf.  Lighten and brighten.  Make a dramatic landing.

Considering a gallery wall for your home or office?  Let High Desert Frameworks in downtown Bend Oregon help you with your digital print, custom framing and installations.  We can do it all!   Act now if you are planning on making a change before the holiday season.

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