Mary Cassatt? Pierre Renoir? No. But The Women in Blue Dress is an elegant treasure.

by High Desert Frameworks!

This beautiful historic watercolor, framed in our dry Central Oregon climate will travel to a very humid climate. Our customer voiced concern about the frame package protecting her treasure from the elements.  With very few exceptions, all our framing is archival so we were prepared for the extra challenge humidity brought to the project.

Question:  How do you balance the need for preservation, changing environment, a customer's concerns and then add budget considerations on top of it all?

Answer: To create a win-win we selected a "behind the scenes" framing components approach.  All mats are archival including the acid free fabric wrapped onto the top mat. Rice paper hinges were used to attach the watercolor to the rag backing board. To fill the frame and protect from puncture, stinger board was utilized. Included in the frame package is a sheet of "artsorb," an additional protection for humid environments. The entire package, including the glass was encased in mylar to restrict the passage of humidity into the artwork. Placed on the back is a humidity indicator.

Needless to say, our customer was thrilled and a museum would be proud.  

Outcome?  The vintage watercolor is framed beautifully and protected for a lifetime. 

Custom Picture Framing and Design Services often include a lot of technical expertise.    Rest assured, High Desert Frameworks has the knowledge, experience and provides great value when framing your artwork.  We also listen to your needs.

Want to know more?  In a prior post we discussed preservation framing and the article can be found at:  Preservation Framing Explained. Sorry, it's not really sexy or exciting but it is critical!  [

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