When ordinary doesn't cut the mustard...

by High Desert Frameworks!

Last month we announced a new line of metal mouldings from Bridger Metal Works AND our Digital Printing Deal!  We think the two announcements will make a great combo!

Your Digital Photo printed by High Desert Frameworks and very special custom frames from Bridger Metal Works!
What a colorful and unique combo!

Print one of your images from your vacation, family holiday gathering, graduation pictures or whatever at full retail and get 30% off additional same size reprints.  Take advantage of our optional deal of:  Purchase Custom Framing Services from High Desert Frameworks! and take an additional 30% off Digital Printing order.  The details of the deal are here:  Weekly Deals [ http://highdesertframeworks.com/deals/ ]  

Questions?  Give us a call or stop by and we'll help you pick out your framing.  Don't like the metal moulding look?  No worries as we have many options in framing from ready made photo frames to full blown custom framing.

Come Frame With Us! 

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