Choosing a two-tone color scheme for your home? Houzz has some great suggestions.

by High Desert Frameworks!

Yanic Simard, Houzz contributor. Principal designer at the award-winning Toronto Interior Design Group has a great article to help out with a two tone color scheme.  Please review and take a special attention to the framed artwork and how it contributes to the overall success of the interior design.  

Per Yanic:  "Choosing a favorite color is easy. Choosing a two-tone color scheme for your home? Not so much. Mistakes come easily, and the frustration might leave you reaching for a bucket of white paint. But don’t wipe the slate clean just yet."

His suggestion for pairing the right accent color with each of the six primary and secondary colors are:  

Primary colors: Yellow, red and blue

Secondary colors: Green, orange and purple

Analogous: Colors that are neighbors on the spectrum, such as green and yellow, or red and purple

Complementary: Colors that oppose each other on the spectrum, such as green and red, or yellow and purple.

Read the entire article here:

You may recall our post of last week:  From Houzz - Color of the Week: Spring Blossom Yellow  the image by Tom Stringer (above ) is an example of that warm yellow accent wall.

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