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What are closed corner frames?

The Short Version

Custom frames made in a time-honored joining methods with no visual join on the corners, often finished in 22 karat gold,  silver or another patina and then finished, as a piece of furniture would be.  True works of beauty and craftsmanship.

The Long Version

Every closed corner frame is hand-crafted with most made in the United States using only the finest materials. The carved and gilded styles begin as raw Basswood purchased primarily from "Green" growers.  Basswood is preferable for its fine grain, its ability to withstand the water gilding process without warpage, and its ability to be easily carved.

When an order is placed, skilled carpenters cut the profile to size and perform any requested build-ups or modifications.  If the frame has a hand-carved design it's then crafted expertly by Master Carvers.  After Carving and joining, the frame moves to the Gesso area where anywhere from 5 to 7 coats of the chalky substance are applied.  Each coat is hand sanded before the next is applied.  Once the appropriate coats of gesso have been sprayed, the frame is brought to the Clay Station where anywhere from 5 to 7 coats of organic red or yellow clays are sprayed and brushed onto the frame.  When the proper clay or clay combination has been achieved, the frame is brought to Gilding.

Once in Gilding, experienced gilders carefully and purposefully lay each gold leaf (3" square) on the frame using as the design calls for.  The precious metals regularly use include 22k Yellow Gold, 12k White Gold, Sterling Silver, and to a lesser degree, Moon Gold and Lemon Gold (18k paler Yellow Gold).  After a frame has time to cure, the same gilder burnishes the frame by hand using specific agot burnishers.  Upon completion, the gilder forwards the frame to the Finishing area.

Whether antiquing a frame, creating a combination finish, or adding just the right hint of patina, the Finishing area is the real artistic center of the operation.  A Carver can create a beautiful carving but it takes a genuine artist to highlight a carving in the right way.  It is here that the frame achieves its "true personality."

Our suppliers are modern day old-world artistry at its best.  

The Video Version

Goldleaf Framemakers of Santa Fe Inc, one of our supplies of  Finished Corner Frames, also known as Closed Corner Frames, are one of a few that represent the ultimate in framing quality and craftsmanship.  Goldleaf Framemakers produced a great visual process video to show just how much work it takes to create a work of frame art. Enjoy!

Please stop on by High Desert Frameworks to view, touch, feel and admire the craftsmanship and beauty of our closed corner frames.   You will immediately notice how this style of custom framing can significantly enhance the art for your home or office.  You won't be disappointed.

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