The Sky's the limit. It's also Sky Blue. What color are your walls?

by High Desert Frameworks!

Jennifer Ott,  a  Houzz Contributor and Principal Designer at the San Francisco-based firm, Jennifer Ott Design, LLC wrote an insightful article on decorating with Blue .. Her full article at Houzz can be found here [ Color of the Week: April Sky Blue  ].  

After you read the article you can tell that color was a critical component as Jennifer's client had some specific requirements.    Light blue but didn't want anything too muted or baby blue, not too gray and cold, wanted soft without going pastel, and not too gray, not a lot of natural light in the room so needed to brighten up things a bit.  Jennifer was able to provide some great options and as per the article and images -- Every thing turned out great.  

At High Desert Frameworks we spend time with you at our custom framing consultation to finding the perfect components of matting and moulding.  We then design a wonderful package to meet your needs as well as honor the artists work.    Just as Jennifer's client sourced an expert, you too can leverage the expertise of High Desert Frameworks and our 30+ years in the art and framing industry.  

Got a project that you thought might be difficult or need some help with color and design?  Stop on by -- We are ready to provide you great options that will fit any budget and we will make it fun and easy.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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