Oh, What a Frame (and Framer) can do!

by High Desert Frameworks!

Part art and part science, Prisma Frames combine engineering ingenuity with a passion for great picture frame design.  High Desert Frameworks is proud to offer an excellent selection of designs, straight from the manufacture, that spill outside the limits of traditional picture framing.  The addition of Prisma Frames to our collection expands our mission to offer great frames, unique, attractive and attention getting designs for our clients.  Filling a unique niche for extraordinary framing, Prisma Frames are highly sought after by our clients.  Prisma Frames find a home in any residential or commercial design-driven environment. Seamless one piece frames as original as your designs. Design your own Prisma. The choice is yours. Your choice is High Desert Frameworks.

High Desert Frameworks enjoys the most complete Prisma Showroom collection in Central Oregon. Prisma frames offer a whole new realm of framing options. Let us help you create your own frame design!

We make it simple and easy and will walk you through options like ....   

  • Pick from 46 vibrant colors or keep it clear. Choose one color or combine colors for two and three-toned frames.
  • The artfulness of Prisma frames is dramatically heightened by the use of continuous, repeating patterns. Choose from 19 different options.
  • There are nine shapes available, anywhere from subtle curves to clean lines. Accent your art by combining sharp or rounded corners with convex or concave exteriors.
  • From delicate to dramatic. Available in widths from 3/4" to 6 1/2", on the quarter inch.
  • Frames are crafted from 3/4" or 1" thick acrylic. Choose from a traditional frame or a floater frame, which you can order in any width, shape and single color—sanded or clear.
  • Double the design pleasure. Perfectly clear or a hint of green. Choose from crystal or sea acrylic.
  • Prisma offers two different finishes, crisp and clear or softly sanded.

Come Frame With Us -- The possibilities are unlimited with High Desert Frameworks and Prisma.  

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