The ABC's of Exceeding Customer Expectations.

by High Desert Frameworks!

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting a group of fellow custom picture framers at the Annual West Coast Art and Frame Show held at the Paris Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas.  It's been a tradition that we get together at least 1-2 nights for drinks, dinner, drinks and great conversation.  It is a real treat to see old friends, catch up on our lives, talk about what's happening and discuss industry trends and such.  A good time is had by all!

One such night we had after dinner drinks at Gordon Ramsay's Steak inside the Paris Hotel.  

WOW - How one little thing changed our perception and far exceeded our expectations.  

We ordered coffee and the balance of our group ordered drinks with much more octane than caffeine.  What arrived with our french press coffee was the ABC's of chocolate liqueur.  

We wanted the best coffee and ordered French Press, but what we got far exceeded our expectations.  The result?  We are fans, we posted about it on social media, told our friends and we will be back next year.   

The extra touch from Gordon Ramsay's Steak was a minor addition to their already excellent service.  Consistently delivering a quality product is a cornerstone to building a successful business.  Exceeding your customers expectations is the foundation for expanding your client base and therefore growing the business.

Have we exceeded your expectations?  We hope so!

We also hope you tell the world about it too.  Visit our Customer Review Site (  [ ] ) and please share the love!

This week we completed a somewhat complex framing order and our client responded with the following email:  

WOWZA WOWZA WOWZA...........I AM SO ARE the BEST........thank you so much .... thank YOU.

Needless to say, the client made our day!  Will you?

Come Frame With Us! --  Then Share The Love.

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