Preserving instant gratification for a lifetime?

by High Desert Frameworks!

Many of us live in a fast pace, ever changing, always connected and communicated lifestyle.  Some if not all of us choose that lifestyle and we love it.  Others dread the constant notifications, calls, texts, friend requests and likes.  Do you cringe when your boss calls you on your day off or do you relish the opportunity?

We are built and approach life differently however all of us cherish memories we create during our life.  The joys of childhood, learning to ride a bike, the first girl or boy friend, High School graduation and the prom.  Do you remember your first real job, new car, proposal for marriage, birth of the first child or grandchild? 

Do you remember that special camping spot next to the lake?

You have worked hard.  Don't let your important memories fade or disappear.  Convert those old snapshots, family photos, vacation road trip souvenirs and photos and other memories into a permanent visual memories you can enjoy daily and for a lifetime.  

 Make Memories | Preserve Memories

How do we preserve your family treasure?  We wrote a great post several months ago: Preservation Framing Explained. Sorry, it's not really sexy or exciting but it is critical!

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We love projects and if we can help with preserving memories for your family please let us know.  You can even save a little (actually a lot) with our current digital printing special through April 2016.  For more details visit our Deals [  ] page and take advantage of our BOGO free special.

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