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Karen Egly-Thompson ,  a Houzz Contributor and former interior designer turned interiors writer created "Your Guide to Custom-Framing Photos and Art!"  This extensive and well written guide to some common approaches to framing, frame components, and do's and don'ts when you are considering framing artwork is a must read.  (Source: )

Ever wonder how much mat to use or if there is a "better" type of glazing or glass.  What about acrylic.  How much should frames cost and how do you mount artwork?  Karen does a good job of covering the basics and highlighting some important and critcial components of archival framing.  

Take 10 minutes and pop on over to:  Your Guide to Custom-Framing Photos and Art then tell us what you think!

Karen's advise:  "Whatever options you decide on with your framer, make sure he or she is a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association. Not only are members seasoned pros at framing, they are constantly learning about new materials and techniques."

Thanks Karen!  Great article and advise.  By the way ....

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