Step one starts here -- Photo Organization suggestions.

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We previously posted topics about digital image and photo print organization and now comes:  The six steps to photo organization as told by Cathi Nelsona Houzz Contributor and founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. 

Got Boxes of Printed Photos? 6 Tips on Getting Organized

Read her full story here:  You Can Do It: 6 Steps to Organizing Your Loose Photos

Here at High Desert Frameworks, we feel the two most important steps are -- Find a workspace and digitize/back up.  For many of us, a project of this nature isn't going to get done in a weekend.  Find a workspace that you can start, stop and restart your project until completed.  Nothing is worse than putting a project to bed before it is completed.  Due to the fact that we scan photo's and have recently added our "General Purpose Photo Scanning" service to our scanning line up we truly appreciate how important it is to scan and back up your data!  Scanning / digitizing your photos allow you to share them via social media, facebook and email.  You can also restore, enlarge and ehnance your images then custom frame!  What a fun way to bring back memories to you and other members of your family.  

It's never too late to start preserving your memories for a lifetime.  Don't wait until it is overwhelming.  If you feel like you have a "ton" of photo's -- take it easy and use the 6 steps as outlined in Cathi's article.  After all -- Just take one photo at time and it will get done!

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