Become a better person by experiencing your adventure again and again and again!

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“People tend to be more inspired to comment on their feelings of gratitude when they reflect on the trips they took, the venues they visited, or the meals they ate than when they reflect on the gadgets, furniture, or clothes they bought.”**

Spending Money on Experiences Makes You a Better Person 

A new study shows that people not only express more gratitude about events and experiences than they do about objects; it also found that this kind of gratitude results in more generous behavior toward others.**

We all recognize the value of time away from work.  Taking that special vacation is often ingrained in our memories for a lifetime.  Can you think back to the time you went to Disneyland, went on a cruise or snorkeled in the Caribbean for the very first time.  Maybe it was the trip to Nebraska to visit the cousins over Christmas break.  Regardless of the venue, the cotton candy you ate or the saltwater you inhaled,  the experience is deeply embedded into our memories and in some part make who we are today.

According to a recent article written by Amanda Macmillan for RealSimple, there are studies that reflect how your experiences, such as, trips you took, the venues you visited, or the meals you enjoyed, make you a better person and for that matter maybe a more charitable person.

This might be a stretch but play along with us ....

If those positive experience make you as the studies indicate, a better person, what could go wrong?  Why not capture your experience, print it and be reminded of that wonderful day or event every day?


Maybe it's a stretch but one thing is for sure:  Custom Framing your vacation photo can never be considered "gadgets, furniture, or clothes."   Let High Desert Frameworks Print and Frame your life experiences!

Isn't it time for you to relive your most recent experiences and adventures again and again and again?

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