When your peers are your audience there is absolutely no pressure to up your game!

by High Desert Frameworks!

We are so honored to participate in the 2019 Tru Vue All-Star Framing Competition! Yep, our friends and peers are the audience and to some degree part of the judging process. Myrna did up her game this year and is humbled to be part of a group of extremely talented custom picture framers! The judging is blind so we are unable to talk about, show, hint, suggest or even post images of the completed framed entry. You will have to wait a couple weeks for the official unveiling.

The theme for this year’s competition is “Raise Your Craft to Raise Awareness.” Tru Vue selected this theme because they believe that competitions like this have helped raise the craftsmanship, creativity, and awareness of the artistry of custom framing. They wanted to give the all-stars the opportunity to use their talents to raise awareness of a deserving subject of their choice.

Tru Vue brought back six past winners to help them celebrate nearly 50 years of all-star framing:

Kosal Eang of Framed by Kosal

Myrna Dow of High Desert Frameworks

Michael Mixon of Hanging Around Hoover

Donna Erwin of Columbia River Gallery

Sarah Beckett of SB Framing Gallery

Andrea Tucker of Cabinet of Curiosities

Six very talented Custom Picture Framers and artists are participating in this special event.

In advance of our Tru Vue® Framing Competition, held at the January 2019 West Coast Art & Frame Expo, we asked the All-Star Framers to answer the question:

How has being part of the Tru Vue Framing Competitions helped you raise your craft over the years?

49897846_2029612710458994_7090148741134417920_n (1).png

Myrna Dow of High Desert Frameworks in Bend, Oregon says: “The Tru Vue Framing competition is an excellent way to showcase creativity and craftsmanship. When participating in a competition I am able to push myself beyond what is common in framing; the process inspires me to explore and compose unique frame designs. After the competition, the framed pieces are prominently displayed in the frameshop to be discussed, admired, and used as ideas for new projects and endless possibilities.”

What’s next? We now wait to see which framers earn the coveted Attendees’ Choice and Judges’ Choice Awards, Social Media Fan Favorite Award and The Grand Prize, Best in Show Judges’ Choice Award.

It truly is a honor to be selected for this great event. We appreciate all that Tru Vue does not only to create a fantastic product and provide awesome customer service but also provide support to the craft through events like this. Win, Lose, or Draw — We thank you Tru Vue!

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