The Stars Came Out In Vegas -- Now it's Your Time to Vote!

by High Desert Frameworks!

We are honored to have been selected for the 2019 Tru Vue All-Star Custom Framing Competition that concluded last week during the International West Coast Art And Framing Expo held in Las Vegas. Custom picture framers from around the world attending the annual trade show voted Myrna Dow’s creation as their favorite!

We are very humbled to have Myrna awarded
the “Attendees’ Choice” prize.

Now it’s your time to vote for the Social Media Fan Favorite Award!

If you want to vote right away visit “RAISE YOUR GLASS - Elevating the Artists Who Elevate the Art.” We can’t disclose which creation is Myrna’s so you will need to click on each image and read about why the artist’s piece is so special and why they are passionate about the cause they are featuring. If you know Myrna and her dedication to her favorite cause it won’t be too difficult to select her creation. We would be honored to receive your vote and for you to share the post with your friends.

[ Update February 12th— Thank you to all that voted! We appreciate your willingness to select your favorite Framer and Custom Framed creation! Congrats go to Kosal of Framed By Kosal as the Social Media Winner! He had a fantastic creation and cause! ]

Award prizes will help fund Myrna’s dedication to a new “Quilt Therapy” program in 2020 at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and her love of the Annual Wish Upon A Card Event.

Here are the six 2019 All-Stars — Click on the image, explore and then vote.
Voting ends February 11, 2019.

Myrna’s Journey

We encourage you to explore the journey that has taken Myrna to this point and after your quick read don’t forget to vote!

Why Tru Vue’s Competition?

For the last several years Tru Vue has really upped the game and sponsored some rigorous custom framing competitions for professional picture framers across the globe. Myrna Dow, owner of High Desert Frameworks, Inc competed in two competitions (Facebook Video Here) and was selected to custom frame a piece for Tru Vue’s 70th anniversary promotion “Recognizing Advancements That Propelled The Future.” and “Myrna Dow's Tru Frameable Moment -- It's out of this world! .”

In a previous post we highlighted the competition and the pressures that go along with entering. You can read about it here: “When your peers are your audience there is absolutely no pressure to up your game!

Myrna states “The Tru Vue Framing competition is an excellent way to showcase creativity and craftsmanship. When participating in a competition I am able to push myself beyond what is common in framing; the process inspires me to explore and compose unique frame designs. After the competition, the framed pieces are prominently displayed in the frameshop to be discussed, admired, and used as ideas for new projects and endless possibilities.”

“It truly is a honor to be selected for this great event. We appreciate all that Tru Vue does to create a fantastic product, provide awesome customer service and support the craft through events like this. We thank you Tru Vue!”

Myrna is not shy to custom picture framing competitions. You can read about prior awards here: Awards.

Vote for your favorite and
share our post to all your friends!

Voting Ends February 11, 2019

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