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Paul Alan Bennett


Award winning professional artist, educator, and art advocate, Paul Alan Bennett has garnered national attention. Paul's imagery is passionately detailed and manifests a unique perspective and style resulting in colorful, vivid imagery sought after and collected nationally. Honors graduate of Maryland Institute of Art and Master of Arts from The University of La Verne (Athens Greece), Paul has excelled in the field of watercolor and most recently in the release of a select group of Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints and worked closely with Pendleton Woolen Mills to release limited edition tapestry blankets. His style and perspective originate from memories, life experiences and travels that spark the playfulness in this Sisters Oregon artist.

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Grace Bishko

Man in Her Hair, Oils on canvas, 22" x 28"

Man in Her Hair, Oils on canvas, 22" x 28"

In the 1970’s I decided to stop painting from “life”, and find a personal vocabulary that would allow me to paint through my emotions, because I deeply wished to speak through my art. Through education and experimentation, my creative endeavors evolved through many stages. The results of this adventure are embedded in the artwork I’m involved in today. It is what it was before, what it was during, what it is now, and what it’s going to be.

In 1998, after living in Guatemala and Mexico for four years, I returned to the United States, bringing many incredible memories with me. In those four years, I not only explored the culture and art within the two countries, but also, taught life drawing and painting, and created and exhibited my own art. In Antigua, Guatemala I encountered handmade paper made of corn by a group of women in a nearby pueblo, and proceeded to paint a series of works on this paper that were made of layers of rich color, using the concept of what is seen through windows. This body of work eventually became the first solo exhibition in Oaxaca, Mexico. In three years I had three solo gallery exhibits, and participated continuously in group exhibitions in Antigua, Guatemala, Oaxaca and Mexico City. During this time, my paintings were sold to people from many different countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, The United States, Canada, England, Italy, and Sweden. Realizing that my art was appreciated, and understood across a wide multicultural expanse was a great thrill for me.

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