Fresh News: BlueBird Printing Day

by High Desert Frameworks!

If you follow our blogs or on social media then you already know that we provide large format digital printing services at High Desert Frameworks!  The most common services we provide include scanning, printing photographs of our clients vacations, special memories, graduation pictures, family portraits and such. We do a fair amount of photo restoration projects and recently we have starting getting known for our fine art scanning and printing for Central Oregon local artists.  

Jessica Layton "Bluebird" art prints - Hot off the press at High Desert Frameworks.

Jessica Layton "Bluebird" art prints - Hot off the press at High Desert Frameworks.

Currently, we have a special printing project in house for Bend artist, Jessica Layton.  She creates wonderful works of art on fabric (batiks).  After scanning her originals we are now printing a select few for her to expand her collector base.  The prints reproduced beautifully and are spot on to the original works of art in relationship to capturing the color and textures of her originals.

If you are interested in her work, call our design studio and we can provide contact information for Jessica.  


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