It took 2 hours and several reprints then .....

by High Desert Frameworks!

Precision Found.  

Yesterday we had a new customer venture into our design studio and wanted to custom frame a couple magazine advertisements from 1949.  The advertisements were important as his father was the CEO of the company placing the ads in the nationally circulated publication.  

The magazine pages where in overall good shape with a few bruises, bumps, tears and rear image bleed through.  Our concern was that over time the paper would become more yellowed and deteriorate even under our best archival framing techniques.  

What is one to do?

Our plan.

Scan, do some photoshop restoration work to clean up the images and then reprint on archival paper.  Then preserve the original images in an archival sleeve on the back of the frame protected away from light and moisture.  Not a big digital image reproduction project.  As the scanning and photoshop work was minimal it was really to be a fairly easy project.  Scan, minor photoshop work and print.  No problem.

Scanning went great. But ....

The photo restoration was another issue.  What should have taken just 10-15 minutes seemed like it took hours.  In fact it took hours.  The subtle nature of the image, paper quality, yellowing of the paper and the bleed through from the image on the reverse side created a "wonderful project" to work on.  We employed some tricks, made scanning adjustments and creative layers in photoshop to accomplish our end goals:  A solid and accurate reproduction of the original advertisement to be framed and a happy customer.

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