Teenagers always read the manual first then ask questions.

by High Desert Frameworks!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Mother's Day!

Advice comes from many sources.  Some of it is great.  Your mother and her advice is invaluable so this special Sunday please remember, hug, thank and praise her with all your heart and soul. Then try to do it again on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday .... 

You get the picture+++.

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+++:  If you happened to capture a great Kodak moment with your Mother this weekend, please consider preserving the moment for a lifetime.  Older photo from the past?  An image that needs to be scanned and  restored?  High Desert Frameworks can do it all.  Scan (if needed) print and frame your image.  We even have a great deal going on over at our DEALS page.  Visit:  [  http://highdesertframeworks.com/deals/ ]

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