View your 35mm negative film strip - Neat trick suggested by The Darkroom!

by High Desert Frameworks!

If you are a iPhone user and have 35mm black and white or color negatives this trick might be up your alley.  Great way to view your negatives before you bring them to High Desert Frameworks for scanning and printing.  

BTW -- We personally use The Darkroom [ ] for the development of our 120 Kodak Portra and Ektra film.  They do a great job and we highly recommend them for our clients that still live in the film world.  Film is NOT DEAD!.  Check out our sisters company here:  obscura GRAPHICS [ ]

From The Darkroom facebook page:  "Darkroom tip!  If you have an iPhone you can invert your screen to look at your negatives. All you have to do is go to "settings" click "general" then "accessibility" >then go all the way to the bottom to "accessibility shortcut" and select "invert colors". Once you do that, if you triple click the home button your screen colors will invert. Triple click home button to go back to normal colors.  It's a fun thing to do when looking at your b&w or color negatives!"

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