Fresh News: Out with the old. In with the new (Valiani).

by High Desert Frameworks!

We had a very very busy spring break week.  Besides our normal busy shop traffic we complicated the week by deciding to swap out (upgrade really) our mat cutter to a top of the line Valiani.  We can't say enough about our decision and how important it is to have the best of the best and the tools that make custom framing near perfect.  The Valiani mat cutter is made in Italy and brings our shop and custom matting to a whole new level.  

We can't wait to show you so stop in and let us show you some great frame designs.

Here are some pics and snaps of our adventure this week!


The 735 pound Valiani crate arrived!  It didn't fit through our door!

Out with our old mat cutter.  Our new Valiani starts to take shape!

Chris Heffter of Valiani / Crescent ( ) was fantastic and a great mentor and instructor.  He helped Erin and Myrna get right up to speed.  We could not have done the install and training by ourselves!  Thank you Chris!

Myrna is just tickled pink with joy!

Tells us what you think and sharing our post is very much appreciated! 

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