Twelve Photography errors you don't want to make -- Getting ready for our World Camera Day Photo Contest!

by High Desert Frameworks!

Are you guilty of these common photography errors?

Share your images and don’t let these errors keep you from uploading your images to High Desert Frameworks World Camera Day Photo Contest!

If you are new to photography or even a veteran you don’t want to make these 12 Photography errors! Our friends at Digital Photography School suggest you DON’T make the following mistakes:

  1. Crop in the wrong place in pursuit of minimalism

  2. Photograph into the light

  3. Never change your point of view

  4. Over reliance on post-processing

  5. Not learning your camera settings

  6. Not using selective focus

  7. Going it alone

  8. Not developing your own style

  9. Not learning new techniques

  10. No main subject

  11. Too many distracting elements

  12. Bad composition

Read the full article here: 12 Photography Errors You’ll Make When You’re New to Photography

You know what they say!
”The best camera you have is the one in your hand!”

No matter what kind of camera you have or if you are an amateur or a professional we invite you to enter our World Camera Day Photo Contest often! Visit www.Take.Pics or share images on Twitter or Instagram using the hastag #takepicsjune2019.

We welcome photo’s from a pinhole, Instamatic, flip phone, iPhone, medium format or DSLR - If you are resident of Central Oregon and 18 years of age or older then you can enter to win 3 great prizes each worth $250 of Digital Printing and Custom Framing of your winning entry.

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