Photography Pro Tips: Visualize in Black and White and post process in Camera Raw.

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There is something romantic about Black and White Photographs. Color digital photography has lost some of its originality to over-processing. Often serious photographers want to do unique and serious work and that all points to a resurgence of black and white images. Black and white photography is truly an art form. According to Tim Gilbreath, a photographer and contributing writer for Digital Photography School states that the reality of a scene depicted in color is transformed into an artistic interpretation when shown in shades of grey.

Mont Saint-Michel (C) 2019 Obscura Graphics

Mont Saint-Michel (C) 2019 Obscura Graphics

So how do you capture a great monochrome photo?

Tim has a couple of pro tips in a recent article, Tips for Shooting and Processing Better Black and White Photographs. We will summaries for a quick read but we encourage you to read his full feature article.

Visualize in Black and White - Training yourself to envision a scene in black and white will help determine if it will work in that state. Scenes that contain contrast and texture will usually provide a good end result when converted to black and white.

Taking the Shot - You’ll need to compose the scene properly, properly expose the shot and shoot in RAW. Pay special attention to the lines and shapes in the image as these components are even more important in black and white photography.

Post-production / Converting to Black and White with the RAW HSL Controls - The most important step in this process is actually converting the shot into black and white. Preferably, you want to use a non-destructive method that will allow you to make continued adjustments to the image until you have the tone and shading desired.

Tim adds, few accomplishments in photography are as satisfying as producing a well-done black and white image. You have discarded color, and envisioned your story instead with shapes, lines, shadows, and textures. You’ve opened up a new world of imagery to yourself, and exponentially expanded your repertoire.

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