State of The Art Printing Press rolls out at High Desert Frameworks!

by High Desert Frameworks!

High Desert Frameworks is please to announce the addition of a "State Of The Art" printing press to compliment their Epson Stylus Pro 9900 44" Wide Format Digital Printer.

State of the art?  Yep back in early 1900's  plus or minus a few years.  The Bede-Bibbitt Imperial Press was acquired by our family around 1965 to print Christmas cards, occasional business cards for friends and family and other printing as needed.  We were never a commercial operation but more  a hobby and family activity.  The two drawers (letter case) of lead moveable type and printing press stored for many years in a hot attic, collecting dust and idle from printing now has a new life at our custom picture framing design studio.  The interest in printing now spans 3 generations and continues on at High Desert Frameworks through our digital printing and now through the traditional printing process. 

 A true Maker Movement in printing.

As we roll out our new greeting cards, art objects and printed images from our sister company obscura GRAPHICS we'll post new product lines and information.  We hope you take the opportunity to explore and support this artful maker movement.

Stay tuned and until then ... We'll keep on inking, rolling, printing and making stuff.


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